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yEd is a powerful graph editor that is written entirely in the [create Java] programming language. It can be used to quickly generate drawings and apply automatic layouts to all kinds of diagrams and networks. It is now available as a free download with unrestricted functionality!

  • Full support for the YGF file format. The native file format.
  • Full support of the XML-based [create GraphML] file format.
  • Full support of the GML graph file format. GML is a popular text based graph file format.
  • Import of arbitrary XML files. An XSLT stylesheet must be given that transforms the XML input into a valid GraphML. Predefined stylesheets for Ant build scripts, the OWL web ontology language and others are included.
  • Export to the SVG vector graphics file format.
  • Export to the WindowsTM Meta File [create WMF] file format. An graphics format used in almost any Windows Application.
  • Export to JPG and GIF file formats. Export large images as multiple images and html tables also supported!


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