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Montag, 2. August 2004 link
unknown, a long time ago
BiblioX is an attempt to create an XML-based system for formatting bibliographic citations and references using XSLT. The recommended Document Type for storing bibliographic information is MODS, the Metadata Object Description Schema.1 Development is centered around this format, although examples in other formats are included for comparison. The Document Type used for storing this manual is DocBook.

- is a Native XML Database. It is capable of storing and indexing collections of XML documents in both native and mapped forms for highly efficient querying, transformation, and retrieval. In addition to these capabilities, the server may also be extended to provide business logic in the form of scripts, classes and triggers.

- Walsh annonuces the DocBook NG: The ?Drambuie? Release, which will be probably the foundation of the next schema-based major DocBook version.
DocBook template for Word, StarOffice, OpenOffice created by O'Reilly. Update: The correct URL for the files is: Follow the instructions in the documents in the directory. users should use the export to DocBook feature. (@Software Documentation Weblog)IBM Cloudscape provides developers a small footprint, standards- based [create Java] database that can be tightly embedded into any Java based solution.

Embeds directly in your Java application providing a silent install, zero admin database so you don't need to deploy a DBA along with your application.

Supports complex SQL, transactions and JDBC so that your applications can be migrated to [create DB2] UDB when they need to grow.

Supports data encryption on disk via JCE for secure operation in hostile environments.

-[describe 2004-08-02-misc here]
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