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Principles of XP
Every XP aficionado knows about the 4 values and 12 practices, but how many people know about the 15 principles?

Fundamental Principles:
  • Rapid Feedback
  • Assume Simplicity
  • Incremental Change
  • Embracing Change
  • Quality Work

    Further Principles:
  • Teach Learning
  • Small Initial Investment
  • Play to Win
  • Concrete Experiments
  • Open, honest Communication
  • Work with people's instincts - not against them
  • Accepted Responsibility
  • Local Adaptation
  • Travel Light
  • Honest Measurement

    (@Martin Fowler)Understanding Oracle XML DB
    The Oracle XML DB is fully compliant with the W3C XML data model thereby providing new standard access methods for XML navigation and query. It also packs the inherent benefit of the Oracle 9i Database Release 2 and brings with it, high-performance, native XML storage and retrieval technology. In short Oracle XML DB lets you leverage the advantages of relational database technology plus the advantages of XML.
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