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Freitag, 29. August 2003 link
unknown, a long time ago
Hardware backwards compatibility

"The HLT instruction tells the CPU to shut itself down until the next hardware interrupt.
We (well, specifically, Jeff) had this implemented and working in Windows 95 but discovered to our dismay that there were many laptops (some from a major manufacturer) which would lock up unrecoverably if you issued a HLT instruction.

So we had to back it out.

Then the aftermarket HLT programs came out and people wrote, "Stupid Microsoft."

ganz liebe geschichte.. eigentlich kann ich nämlich die aussage, dass alles was microsoft baut schrott ist nicht mehr hoeren... keinesfalls, sind alle M$ produkte genial, noch - kann ich zT ihre markt gewohnheiten gutheissen... jedoch ist sicher nicht alles schlecht - ohne billi boy und seine firma wären wir sicher nicht dort wo wir uns heutzutage in der IT befinden... I am not sure, if you already know it (earl does!) but there exists a [create EDI] standard using XML called XML/EDI.

"A new Web-based markup language could give EDI the kick-start
it needs to reach millions of new users...
The combination of XML with EDI holds the promise of extending
the advantages of Web-based EDI through an open standard to the millions
of small- and medium-sized enterprises."
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