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Palm DB Converter stick
by unknown, a long time ago

Database converter is a ultimate tool for palm developers, to convert desktop database table(s) to Palm Database (.PDB) format.
It will help you to convert the contents of your desktop databases like MS Access, Excel, Oracle, SQL Server, FoxPro, dBase and any other ODBC enable Database to palm.

Microsoft Excel sheets and tables both are possible to convert. You can filter the required fields from the selected table to be included in pdb. Also it is possible to fire any SQL Select Query to retrieve the result set.

SQL Select query may be a single table query or a join query combining two or more tables to produces the required result. Conditions can be applied to these queries to filter the result. Use PDB Generator tab to generate palm pdb and use PDB Viewer tab to view/verify the contents of resultant pdb.

Resultant pdb record format is given in log file so that you can use it in your palm development. The converted pdb is in the standard format as recommended by PalmOS. This pdb can be used by any development tool like "MetrowerksCodeWarrior" which supports standard palm pdb format.

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