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Post Office Protokol

Telnet Commands:
  • USER
    This command identifies you as a registered account on the server. After you see the server welcome message mentioned above, type USER After entering the USER information, the server will return a line that reads, "+OK Password required for ."

  • PASS
    Type PASS If the password is accepted, the server will return a line similar to: "+OK has message(s) (MMMMM) octets", where is the number of messages stored in your mailbox on the server and (MMMMM) is the total size of all messages.

  • LIST
    Type LIST at the prompt. The server will return "+OK messages octets), a list of the messages including their numbers, and the individual message sizes.

  • RETR
    This command will retrieve the text of a message. For example, if you wish to retrieve message number 4, type at the prompt, "RETR 4."

  • DELE
    This command allows you to delete a message from the POP server. To delete a message enter DELE , where is the message number determined from the LIST command. For example, to delete message number 4, enter the command "DELE 4."

  • QUIT
    This command permits you to quit the Telnet session.

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