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JGraph stick
by unknown, a long time ago

JGraph (pronounced "jay-graph") is a robust and complete graph component that is better than many of its commercial competitors. "JGraph is surprisingly small and supports drag and drop and all the selection modes and display/editing options you might expect. Enjoy!" (Sun, Swing Sightings). JGraph can also be used on the server-side, for example to read a [create GXL] graph, apply a custom layout algorithm, and return the result as an SVG image

  • 100% pure [create Java], fully standards-compliant developer API
  • Automatic edge routing and handling of self-references
  • Command history for infinite undo/redo across multiple views
  • Each view can have its own set of visible cells and separate attributes
  • Multiple connection points per vertex can float along the vertex boundaries
  • Layers, Grouping and stepping-into groups for managing large diagrams
  • Built-in marquee selection, zoom, grid, anti-aliasing, and in-place editing
  • Copy and paste or drag and drop to and from Java and native applications
  • Very small footprint (150 K) for embedded use


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