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Business Integration Engine is an open source data integration system for exchanging data with internal or external sources. Built in [create Java], this platform-independent integration system includes a web-based management and configuration GUI, a drag-and-drop Map Builder and a wide variety of built in protocols, message formatters and listeners. It competes in the same EAI space as applications like [create Microsoft BizTalk], webMethods, and Tibco(TIB-Inconcert).

Version 6.0.0 includes many new features and enhancements. The workflow engine is a more powerful BPML implementation, and now includes standard activities such as switch, assign, all, sequence, delay and foreach. The workflow editor ("route builder") has been overhauled for better visualization and greater ease of use, with support for the new flow control features. Integration with [create JBoss] provides new capabilities, including JMS actions and listeners. Configuration data is now stored in an internal database powered by [create Hypersonic SQL], eliminating the dependency on an external MySQL database instance and simplifying the installation process. Numerous changes have also been made to performance and message handling capabilities.

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