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2007-03-01 stick
by unknown, a long time ago

dsj is an ongoing project to provide a [create Java] wrapper around Microsoft's DirectShow API. It offers a set of high level classes that give java easy access to functionality widely missed by java programmers and also lets you dive deeper into the interiors of Windows' core api for 2D media.

- xApp Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence

- Get started with Dynamic Graphics in xMII 11.5
- The Making Of A Powerful Composite: Integrating SAP xMII with CAF Core
- xMII Illuminator Services : A Primer...
- xMII Best Practices Guide
- SAP xMII 12.0 Help
- AJAX + xMII Illuminator Services = A Database Browser!
- Manufacturing Composite Applications/xMII sample applications
- SAP xApp Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence: Visibility, Responsiveness, Performance - Good PDF overview

much more to come within the next month

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