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2006-07-28-thoughts stick
by unknown, a long time ago

Much time passed since my last entry... busy times... but it should get better:)

Today I was thinking about: The common opinion is that if a person is under preasure, it is less efficient, quality decreases and motivation as well...

This is also my opionion and experience - Nevertheless every project leader i met, lets call it Bob, did put preasure to the project members in some extent. I asked myself: "Why does Bob pushes the members, if he knows for sure, that this does not help at all?". For some time I just believed that Bob does not know or accept this - or bob is just to silly to recognize what he is doing.

Nowadays I think about it a little different - Maybe Bob knows what he does but he has different ambitions.

In my company you are almost never working only at one project - most of the time you are working at about three (if this is a good idea at all is another story...). So I have to decide almost every day for which project i will work - I have to prioritise. So, guess how I do it.

I am sorting it according to the priority - wow! I think you could guess that much. But the priority is derived, at least at some extent, from the pressure.

So maybe Bob only wants to increase the priority be increasing the pressure.

Maybe, just maybe - what do you think? Is Bob a silly bastard or a smart guy?

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