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SAP and Adobe Document Services (ADS)

- Presentation: Printing Forms with Interactive Forms Based on Adobe Software

- My struggles with the Adobe Document Services in WAS6.40 (link)
- Adobe Document Services - Configuration
- Problem Analysis Scenarios for Adobe Document Services
- Monitoring: Configuring Other SAP NetWeaver Components (link)
- Entering Include Text Properties (link)
- Checking and Testing a PDF-Based Print Form (link)
- Creating the Service User ADS_AGENT in the ABAP Environment (link)
- Migrating Smart Forms (link)
- Example: Calling Forms in an Application Program (link)
- Example Report which calls a ADS Form: FP_TEST_00
- SAP printer types for ADS:
- LiveCycle Designer Scripting Basics
- XFA (XML Forms Architecture) reference
- Acrobat JavaScript reference
- FormClac reference

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