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If you visit this site sometimes, or even read it incidentally... Go-on end edit readers - another funny idea from the vanilla core team:)-> Graphviz-> Understanding Outsourcing ModelsWhy "Enterprise" Development is Hard
Good and funny article about "Enterprise Development" and why it is more complex and more expensive. (via lcom)This tutorial assumes that the reader is familiar [only] with C/C++, Python, [create Java], or Pascal. I am writing for you because it seems that no other tutorial was written to help students overcome the difficulty of moving from C/C++, Java, and the like to Haskell.
(@LtU)The PowerML product suite offers platform-independent, [create Java]-based solutions for managing [create PowerPoint] presentations.
PowerML core converts Microsoft PowerPoint files to PowerML, an XML-based, well defined and documented file format.


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