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2005-02-24 stick
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XSLT command line utility, which uses the .NET Framework

- is a port of CruiseControl to the .NET platform. It is an Automated Continuous Integration server, implemented using the Microsoft .NET Framework. (Developed at ThoughtWorks) is a pure [create Java] Subversion (SVN) client library. This means that users of the library, i.e. java applications do not have to include svn native binaries or javahl bindings to work with subversion repository

- is a list of FOP-related projects I found at
NFOP - A .NET-port of FOP using J#.
FOP-DotNet - Another .NET-port of FOP using C#
jpFOP - A set of patches to support Japanese fonts in FOP
phpFOP - A PHP port of FOP
Defoe - An alternative design of Apache FOP
beauFOP - Tries to add auto table layout functionality to FOP, but may add other enhancements
Ant & DocBook Styler suite
I started this small project when I needed to render certain documentation in DocBook using ANT.


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