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2004-04-01-argl stick
by unknown, a long time ago

Sometimes... really strange things happen... today I have accomplished to criple a hp-unix server without a shutdown...

Here is the story:
Once upon a time, there were my 5 little processes on a hp-unix server in a classical deadlock situation... So I decided to kill them - no sooner sad than done...
- login as root
- ps aux
- killall -9 littleprocess (to kill all processes with the name "littleprocess"
- !boom!

It happend that all root processes (like inetd, sshd, ...) died... So we had to pull out the plug, to restart the server!

But what to f*** was the reason... Actually a really easy explanation...

  • killall manpage on Linux: killall - kill processes by name
  • killall manpage on hp-unix: killall - Terminates all processes started by the user, except the calling process

    -> Sometimes - really strange things happen <-

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