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2004-02-08-misc stick
by unknown, a long time ago

PocketMVP - Pocket Music and Video Player
The project is now at a stage where enhancements and improvements are frequent and they need to be tested on all the supported device prior to official release... I almost forgot the most important reason to use PocketMVP over Microsoft or anybody else for that matter. We have between 2 and 10 times their playback performance ... So basically WE KICKED THEIR ASS!!!

Pocket SlideShow and Pocket Slides are both Pocket PC Tools to support your mobile presentation

Das English/German/English Dictionary Gold enthält zweisprachige Wörterbücher zur Übersetzung von Englisch in Deutsch und umgekehrt, auf Basis des BDicty Dictionary Reader. Ideal für Reisende und durch den großen Wortschatz auch für professionelle Übersetzer.
-> hat beim "The EUROPE POCKET PC AWARD" in der Kategorie "Dictionaries" ueberzeugend gewonnen

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