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Studie: Erkältungsviren töten Hautkrebs-Zellen
Simple Erkältungsviren könnten nach Erkenntnissen australischer Wissenschaftler ein wirksames Heilmittel im Kampf gegen den bösartigen Hauskrebs, das so genannte maligne Melanom, sein...

Dieser bösartige Hauskrebs wieder... wenn man zu lange in der sonne liegt, beisst er einem in die zehe und man bringt in mit nach hause... bruhaha

A project timeline is a valuable thing to produce during a project retrospective. A timeline should show the various events that occurred during the project, and how they affected the project.(@Martin Fowler)
ASP.NET and [create Struts]: Web Application Architectures
Learn about the similarities and differences between ASP.NET on the .NET Framework and Struts on [create Java] 2 Enterprise Edition; and the features that each provides to solve common developer problems. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each, and the utility that they bring to next-generation Web development(link)If you want to start developing using the .NET Compact Framework this article gives you all the necessary background information you need to know - except you to write the code itself:)

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