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2003-09-03 stick
by unknown, a long time ago

Introduction to Ruby for Java Programmers. (via LtU) Looks really nice, and seems to be a good starting point, if you already know [create Java]. ruby rocks:)You cannot measure productivity. Because it is sometimes determined by looking at the input/output of an activity. But what is "the output" - LOC, buisness value, Function Points, customer satisfaction???jfyi - has also a little rss feed. It still needs some improvements, but it works... try it!ANTS Profiler seems to be a really nice profiler for .NET... but i haven't seen another one - so far. If a nice reader has any experiences using ANTS (or any other profiler), it would be great if you could share them... so far

Mobile Application need Scripting Too!(via LtU)
"An app-specific domain language enables quick iterations on design and eases porting across devices." - amen

unknown a long time ago ago:
the rss is no valid xml - you need to escape the &'s in the url within the link tag; or i could provide you with /space/ urls :)

unknown a long time ago ago:

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