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2003-08-19-code stick
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The Trouble with Checked Exceptions

"they say, "try, da da da da da, catch curly curly." They think, "Oh I'll come back and deal with these empty catch clauses later," and then of course they never do. In those situations, checked exceptions have actually degraded the quality of the system in the large."(Anders Hejlsberg - by Bill Venners and [create Bruce Eckel])

I am not quite sure, what my opinion to checked exception is... one one hand, my own coding experiences show that i am the described type of developer... if i have to catch an exception the ide([create IntelliJ]) just surrounds it with an try/catch block, and I never really handle the exception correctly... but at least the IDE template shows the exception message on the console, and not just dismisses it(f..., because of the mtv show, i will never be able again to use this word without a strange taste in my mouth:) ) -> would be even worse...

BUT on the other hand i am following Chris Rathman's opinion: "I believe that exceptions thrown are part of the interface, just as much as the return value of a function itself." (Chris Rathman)

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